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Mr. Smith is a theatre trained “hands-on designer” with over 20 years of experience

in theatre performance, costume, prop, stage design and construction before coming

to Asia in 1992. Beginning with exhibitions and events in Singapore, he has been

involved in designing world-class expos throughout Southeast Asia and country-wide

events. He has helped to create China’s first world-class water park in Shanghai and

interiors for Asia’s largest aquarium in Pudong, and was also a principal designer for

Happy Valley Beijing. Mr. Smith has been a Senior Designer for multinational

companies as well as an independent freelancer and is currently the Design Director

for Longri Landscape Company and lives with his wife and son in Shenzhen.


LECTURE - at the IOWA State University





Shanghai Disney, 2014-Present

Contracted via Longri to Walt Disney Imagineering. Duties include providing domestic Field Art Directors for the Shanghai Disney project.


Beijing Water Town, 2014

Design and Build Kid's indoor recreational facility.


Longri Landscape, 2005-Present

Design Director and consultant for landscape construction company. Projects include;

Happy Valley Beijing, Happy Valley Chengdu, Splendid China, Buena Vista Shenzhen

and many more.


EDSA, Beijing China, 2002-2005

Senior Designer for multinational landscape design company. Projects include; Heyuan

Resort in the Pearl Delta Region, South China Mall and Amazon Park Shenzhen.


Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, 2000-2001

Construction for special exhibitory design and installation at China’s largest aquarium.


Lost City, Zhuhai China -1999-2000

Principal designer and consultant for installation for major water park at The New Yuan

Ming Palace Gardens.


Amusement Leisure Worldwide Canada, 1998-2000

Designer for waterslide company with clients in Belarus, Philippines, China and The

United Emirates. Project includes; design and supervise construction and installation

of the world’s largest dinosaur for the Canadian government in Alberta Canada, (made

in The Philippines).


Pico Arts, 1993-1996

Designer for product expos in Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines. Projects include;

Design upgrade of The Clarke Quay Adventure Ride and stage, costumes and props for

Singapore’s National Day Parade.


Paper Moon Scenic, 1990-1992

Independent films production designer, “Goodbye Paradise”, “Betrayal”, “Christmas Nights”,

as well as newsrooms, children’s TV and talk shows in Honolulu Hawaii.


Hawaii Theater, 1988-1990

Principle designer and scenic artist for Westin Maui and Westin Kauai’s dinner theatres.

Also design and build for musicals, projects include: “Hair”, “Chorus Line”, “Dreamgirls”,”

Women Behind Bars”.


Toy Designer, 1984-1988

General Manager and Creator of The Taro Patch Doll, (50,000 units sold). Design and

create doll master molds and costumes as well as manage factory production.


















































Lecturing at China Theme Park Congress in Shanghai 2012.











































Designer at work.





































CHINA – Locations of some of Broc's Projects.



































































































































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