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Theme parks can be the size of a parking lot or a vast section of property. How they differ from “resorts” is largely

a matter of semantics as most sizable theme parks these days feature nearby accommodation. But largely, theme

parks are designed for a single day stay and feature activities for all ages. The current trend is moving towards

eco-parks which feature nature based venues.





























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Dino Beach, Shanghai




Lost City, Zhuhai




Love Island, Heyuan



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Cartoon Street, HV, Shenzhen



*  Resorts


Splendid China - DAI Culture, SZ



*  Theme Parks


Splendid China - WA Culture, SZ



*  Animal Habitats


Happy Valley, Chengdu



*  Exhibitions


Park Entry, Happy Valley, Beijing



*  Small Gardens


Aegean, Happy Valley, Beijing



*  Productions


Atlantis, Happy Valley, Beijing



*  Products


Shangrila, Happy Valley, Beijing





The Ant Kingdom, HV, Beijing





The Lost Mayan Kingdom, Beijing





Guiyang Theme Park Concept













































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