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Theme Park – Shangri-La, Happy Valley, Beijing, China




Project description:  Date: 2006. Address: Sifang Bridge, East 4th Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Site

























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Dino Beach, Shanghai



Lost City, Zhuhai



Love Island, Heyuan


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Cartoon Street, HV, Shenzhen


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Splendid China - DAI Culture, SZ


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Splendid China - WA Culture, SZ


*  Animal Habitats


Happy Valley, Chengdu


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Park Entry, Happy Valley, Beijing


*  Small Gardens


Aegean, Happy Valley, Beijing


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Atlantis, Happy Valley, Beijing


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Shangrila, Happy Valley, Beijing




The Ant Kingdom, HV, Beijing




The Lost Mayan Kingdom, Beijing




Guiyang Theme Park Concept














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